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Everyone who I meet who has ever been to Cape Town always tell me how incredible it is so I felt like It was time for me to check it out for myself. After me and my friend had visited Kruger National Park, we jumped on a plane and headed to Cape Town, I had an amazing time here but instead of me writing about every day spent in Cape Town, here are my Top 6 things- All Cape Town:

1. Table Mountain 
By far the best part of Cape Town for me was Table Mountain. This Is definitely something that should be on everyone list while visiting Cape Town. During my whole time there, we only had two days of sun, one of these days was perfect! Sunny, blue skies and not a single cloud in sight so we decided this day would be perfect to climb table mountain. When I say “climb” table mountain I really mean take the cable car up to the top because we could not be bothered to walk up, which Is no surprise since it was a very hot day and the mountain is an impressive 3,558 ft above sea level.

Table Mountain is definitely one of the most iconic landmark in South Africa. As well as providing some of the most beautiful views in Cape Town, it also houses about 2,200 species of plants and 1470 floral species. You can walk it or take the cable car up, the car takes about 5 minuets and gives you a whole other view of Cape Town!

2. Paragliding 
One day we were walking along the beach back to our hostel and overhead two paragliders floated past and we watched in awe. It looked amazing! When we got back to the hostel we jumped on the internet and did some research into different paragliding company’s in Cape town and the prices. From the photographs it looked like so much fun and It turned out to be over half the price of most of the other activities we had looked into, so we decided to go paragliding! After looking through a few different paragliding companies, we ended up going with Cape Town Tandem Paragliding (

On the day, we took an uber up to signal hill and met the paragliders up there. We filled out all the forms we needed to and then before we knew it we were harnessed up and ready for the flight. My paraglider explained that once the parachute was up in the air in all I had to do was learn forward and run when he said so.  Once we were up in the air I got comfy in the harness seat and enjoyed the view. We paid a small amount more to have pictures and videos taken on a Gopro while in the sky and it was definitely worth the extra money (even though my face looked hilarious on the pictures) it’s a great memory to keep. Paragliding was so much fun, I could not stop smiling the whole time, It was an incredible day!

3. Boulders Beach
Boulders beach in Simons Town is definitely not one to be missed! The beach itself is stunning, full of ancient granite boulders that protect the beach from the wind and large waves, making it an ideal location for swimming and relaxing. It’s location also means that it falls under the protection of the Table Mountain National Park Marine, this means that the beach is always clean and safe, and it is rarely crowded.
As well as warm waters and beautiful beaches, Boulders beach is also home to a colony of adorable African Penguins, also known as jackass penguins. These are the only penguins found on the continent and colonies of African Penguins can be found from southern Namibia all the way around the South African coast to Port Elizabeth, but the best view of the penguins is definitely at Boulders Beach!There is a small fee to pay when you enter but it is worth it to see these cute little creatures up close!

4. Cape Point
Cape Point is only accessible by car or bike so it can make getting to it slightly difficult but it’s definitely worth it once you see the view from the point!  Cape Point is in the Cape of Good Hope nature reserve within Table Mountain National Park,  which forms part of the Cape Floral Region, a World Heritage Site. The lighthouse at the top of Cape Point stands 234 meters above sea level. If you do not fancy walking this then you can take a three-minute ride in the wheelchair-accessible Flying Dutchman train from the lower station at 127 metres above sea-level (this is were the carpark and entrance is), to the upper station. It’s a lovely day out with stunning views, but be aware of the cheeky monkeys because they love to steal food and drinks from the tourists!

5. Sea Point
Sea Point with its many shops, takeaways, restaurants, clubs and coffee bars its become very popular is recent years with the tourists. Just about everything you could possibly need is found in this part of the city.  Also here, is the famous Sea Point promenade that draws locals and visitors for walking, jogging, out-door exercise and people-watching. From here it is an easy walk to the beautiful beaches of Clifton and Camps Bay, and the city centre and Waterfront are minutes away. Also if your looking to see an amazing sunset, then look no further. Watching the sun set over the beaches on Sea Point was one of the highlights of my trip to Cape Town.

6. Kirstenbosch
Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden lives up to its reputation as the most beautiful garden in Africa. Few gardens can match the beauty of Kirstenbosch, it’s located against the eastern slopes of Cape Town’s Table Mountain. Kirstenbosch first opened in 1913 with the aim to promote, conserve and display the rich and diverse flora of southern Africa. There are over 7,000 species at Kirstenbosch, including many rare and threatened species. The 36 hectare garden is part of a 528 hectare estate that contains protected mountainside supporting natural forest and plants, as well as a handful of beautiful animals and birds. Kirstenbosch also houses an impressive wooden bridge that winds through the tops of the trees and provides jaw dropping views of Table Mountain. Although I did not spend much time here, it was definitely worth the visit and it would make a lovely day out in the summer months!

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13 thoughts on “All things Cape Town

  1. So glad you loved my home town and just a few of the amazing things to do there. Certainly no chance to be bored in the Mother City.


  2. Amazing absolutely fantastic blog. The way your write certain things makes me actually relieve the amazing experience in my head❤️Xxx


  3. I volunteered in South Africa last summer and loved it. One of my regrets is not staying longer to explore the garden route. I particularly love the look of Boulders Beach. Love your photos.


  4. Wow Cape Town looks amazing!! I’ve heard so much about it and would love to go!! Earlier this year I went to Johannesburg, Kruger and did the Panorama Route. I’m so sad we didn’t get to go to Cape Town when I see your amazing pictures of these little pinguins and Kirstenbosch. Beautiful captures!


  5. This is a great list! Hoping to make it to South Africa soon so I will definitely refer back to your post when I get there! The paragliding looks amazing! So cool you got to do that! I would love to see those penguins too!


  6. I’ve never been to Cape Town but this is really making me want to go ! I wanna see these African Penguins so bad!! And it looks like there’s lots of activities I would love (paragliding!!!) 🙂


  7. Paragliding?! That sounds like a dream! I’ve done it once in California but here it would be a whole different story! You’ve got me looking’ at flight tickets now! 😉


  8. I loved reading this! I have never been to Cape Town, and had no idea there were such a wide variety of experiences to be had. I loveee penguins (weird, but true) and can’t believe there are penguins to be found in Cape Town!


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