Visa extenstion within Thailand

Thailand truly is an incredible place, it will steal your heart and you will never want to leave. If you aren’t quite ready to go home just yet, then why don’t you get an extension. You can get this if you have a tourist visa or 3o-day free entry, just go to the immigration office in the province your staying in. It’s straightforward and will give you an extra 30 days to stay in this beautiful country.

First things first, make sure you have copies of everything requested! The requirements for the 30-day extension are:

  • Passport and copies of ID page and stamps/ visa related to Thailand
  • Visa extension form (TM.7.)
  • Proof of accommodation in Thailand
  • Two recent passport pictures
  • 1,900 Baht in cash

*These are the requirements for the Office in Kanchanaburi, and for a woman. If you’re a man they normally ask for proof of funds but they don’t require proof of funds from a woman. Also, every office has slightly different requirements so call them or look online in advance or you might get turned away, sometimes they want to see your TM.6., and proof of a flight out of Thailand, other times they don’t*

Once you have all your documents ready you can go down to the immigration office at any time before the day your visa or entry on arriving expires. They don’t tend to be open on weekends or holidays so double check what day you want to go. Also, Mondays and Fridays tend to be the busiest time because of it not being open at the weekend.

Every office works slightly different, so for Kanchanaburi what you do is go to the office and there is a machine that gives you a ticket. Take your ticket and sit down, if you haven’t already got your extension form printed out they will have copies there for you to take and complete. When your number is called go up to the designated window and hand over your paperwork. They will look at it and if it is ok they will tell you to sit back down and wait. Once they have finished processing the paperwork they will call you back up, take your picture. You pay the fee and then they give you your passport back with the visa extension inside. Your visa extension will be a stamp and it will have the date you need to leave the country by on it. Make sure you remember this date or you can be fined and in a lot of trouble if you overstay.

It’s a really easy process and it allows you to stay in the country for an extra 30-days, so it’s definitely worth it if you’re not quite ready to go home just yet.

Hope this helped if you’re interested in getting a 60-day visa then, click here.

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