Meet our Goats

Who doesn’t love goats! We definitely do, we opened our goat farm up on the 27th of March 2019. We started off with 9 Boer Goats and have continued to grow, our current status is 27 goats but with many babies on the way. Our goats are a mixture of our own and goats that have been given to us. A handful of our goats were won in a raffle at the local festivals and the winner didn’t have space or money to look after the goats, so they gave them to us.

Each one of our goats has their own funny and unique personality, no two goats are the same. We breed and sell our goats but breeding isn’t forced. Once the new babies are fully weaned from their mother and independent, this is when either the mother or kid will be sold. We do not sell all of our goats, some we keep as they have become part of the family. Click on the pictures to read some information and fun facts about all of our goats.

Published by Danielle

Hello! I'm Danielle, and I am a full time wanderer from England. Travelling and animals are pretty much my life, I also take a few photographs along the way. If you enjoy my page, please subscribe! 

5 thoughts on “Meet our Goats

  1. They look soooo sweet! I went to a friend’s house the other day, and she has 3 baby goats. They jumped up in my trunk! Goats are so funny. I love that you’re rescuing them and treating them so well.


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