Farm Life

My husband and I bought our own home and land in early 2019. We had a large amount of unused land behind the house, we weren’t sure what to use it for. for a while we had an inside joke about me wanting to own goats, so one day we decided if we’re going to own goats lets go all out and make a goat farm.

We started off with 9 goats and quickly grew from there. As of today, we have 27 goats and a few more babies due very soon! Every day we walk, clean and feed our goats, you can learn more about our goats in the blogs below. If you would like to support our farm, become a patron! Click here for more information.

As well as goats, we also have 2.5 Acears (7 Rai) on which we grow and harvest our own crops. You can learn more about this and the general farm life below:


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