Hello, my name is Danielle. I am a travel writer, farmer and photographer.

I moved to Thailand in 2017 where I met my now husband. We live in rural Thailand and own a farm. We care for around 40 goats and have taken in 6 rescued street dogs.

I was only supposed to be in Thailand for a few months and then I planned to travel to Australia afterwards. Things changed and I ended up staying and now my whole life is there. My husband and I love travelling Thailand and expiring new places.

Before moving to Thailand, I travelled to many different places such as New York, Malawi, South Africa, Australia and Germany. My site is a positive place where readers are encouraged to learn about the best places to stay and visit, and fun activities to do as well as volunteering actives.

Currently, I have been working as an online ESL tutor for 3 years already. I have plenty of experience and I am more than happy to share my teaching experiences here to help you succeed in the ESL industry so you are able to travel and work from home like me.

Kruger National Park

Kruger national park has been number one on my bucket list since before I can remember. One of the many good things about studying an animal related course is that you get to meet like minded people who have similar interests and passions as you. This is how I met my friend Kendra. We bothContinue reading “Kruger National Park”

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