Are you interested in teaching English online with Palfish? Let me help you!

My name is Danielle, or “Teacher Dani”, I am a UK citizen but I live in Thailand. I started teaching with Palfish in September 2019, and as of today (02/10/20) I currently have 1431 teaching hours… that is 2859 classes!

I love teaching with Palfish, it is a great company with amazing students. The app is easy and fun to use and it gives me the freedom to earn a great paycheck without leaving my house! If you would like to speak to me personally about Palfish, please message me via Instagram.


To become an Offical Kid’s Course teacher you must:

  • Be from one of these native English speaking countries: the UK, US, Canada, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand
  • Hold a TEFL/ TESOL or CELTA
  • No University degree required!
  • A big smile

Job Description

  • One on one 25 minute classes with student
  • Teach Chinese children aged 3-12 years old
  • Pay ranges from $6-22 plus bonuses
  • Pay is based on a points system
  • $15 signing up bonus
  • Have to teach a minimum of 3.5 hours a week
  • Teach from the Palfish app on your phone, tablet or Ipad
  • Lesson material provided
  • Work from home and create your schedule

Important! Peak hours for the Official Kids Course are:

  • From 5 pm-10 pm on weekdays BJT
  • From 8 am-10 pm weekends BJT

Compare these times to your local time zone to see if they work for you.


Any teacher who wants to teach English as a foreign language for a Chinese company must hold a TEFL or TESOL certificate. This is a legal requirement and you will not be hired without one, luckily these can be easily completed online.

Many different companies offer TEFL and TESOL courses, so which one should you pick? I have a TEFL certificate from TEFLUK.COM and a TESOL from The International Open Academy. You only need one, but I wanted to learn as much as I could about teaching English as a foreign language.


TEFL UK is a fully accredited member of the UK Register of learning providers, this certificate is perfect for teaching online or in-person anywhere around the world. You don’t have to be from the UK to undergo this course.

If you are interested in signing up for this TEFL course then click here, use my code 011A8C68 for 10% off and I will receive a commission from your purchase which would be lovely! If you need and help with your course feel free to contact me through Instagram.

International Open Academy

This company offers a 120 hour TESOL course which is internationally accredited by ICOES and fully CPD/CE certified. You can study this course from anywhere in the world and is great if you need a TESOL certified fast and cheap. This course is only $19 and is very easy to pass, click here to find out more information.

Getting Started with Palfish

If you meet the requirements above then you can apply to teach with Palfish.

Step 1

Click here “Apply with Palfish” to download the Palfish app. Using this link will sign me as your official inviter and you will be added to my list. I will get a bonus of $45 if you are hired. I will help you will the hiring process and be there to help you get on your feet.

Once you have clicked the link the picture below should pop up. Click area and find your area code, then out your mobile number. This will take you to the app or play store, here you can download the Palfish Teacher app.

Alternatively, go into the app store on your device. Then search and download the Palfish Teacher app. You will be asked for a referral or invite code last in, you can input this code: 28228550.

Step 2

Once the app is downloaded onto your phone, tablet or Ipad, you will need to open the Palfish Teacher app. You will most likely get a popup asking you to allow Palfish to send you notifications, click allow.

Click “sign up” on the first page, then click on your area code again and input your number. You will be sent a verification code. Once you receive it, put it into space and click “next”.

After you click “next”, you will be taken to a new page where you can enter all of your basic information. Do this quickly or your verification code might expire.

On this page, you will need to fill in your user name, password, nationality and it might ask you for an invitation code. If it does, this is mine 28228550. After you use the code you will be added to my referral list and you can message me directly from the app.

Pick a username that will be your teacher name, mine is “TeacherDani🦄”. Next, pick a strong password and then put in your country or region. This refers to your nationality, not your place of residence. This cannot be changed after so make sure it is correct.

Step 3

You will be taken to the homepage on the Palfish app. You need to complete the rest of your information. To do this click on “Me” in the bottom right-hand side of the homepage. This will take you to your information page. Fill out all of the required information.

  1. Make sure your profile picture is bright and child friendly
  2. Enter your name, gender, birthday, mobile number.
  3. Create a text introduction for your teacher profile. Introduce yourself where you are from, your education and work background any relevant experience and why kids should pick you as a teacher. Also, add lots of emojis.
  4. Record an audio introduction. Say what your text intro but shorter and that you can’t wait to meet the student. This will on your profile for students and parents to listen too.
  5. Fill in when you started teaching, your address, education and any work experience. These do not necessarily have to be linked to teaching.
  6. Upload your TESOL/TEFL in the “Teaching certificate” section.

Step 4

Now, you need to add an account to be paid into. We are paid once a month, the payment will be with us between the 1st abs the 7th of every month. Palfish currently only pays into Thai or Canadian bank accounts. Most teachers get paid via Payoneer.

If you do not have a Payoneer account, click HERE to create one. After you have input your personal information, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click “Add”. This will take you to a page called “Account for salary”. Click “Select”, then click “None of the above”. This will then let you add your Payoneer account. You do not need to click currency.

Once you click “None of the above”, use the back button. The Payoneer options should now be available. Click “Connect your Payoneer account” and log in. Once Payoneer is connected to your Palfish account you should receive an email confirming this from Payoneer.

Tick the “Employment conditions” box and then click the back arrow to go back to your information.

Step 5

Once you have input all of your information, go back to the homepage. You are now ready to book your interview (demo). To do this you need to click on the orange banner that goes across your homepage. Then, you will be taken to a “Teacher Recruitment” page. Read the information and then scroll down.

Click on “Select available time for class”, this will open another page. Select at least 7 of the prime times available, these can be changed once you are hired. The team just want to see that you are available. Once you have selected at least 7 times, click “confirm” this will take you back to the “Teacher Recruitment” page. Click apply. If all of your information is filled in correctly, you will be asked to book a time and date for your interview (demo).

Palfish Interview

Once your personal information has been verified and approved you can then book your interview. Check the app to see the status of your application. Follow the steps show above to book a time and date for the interview.

After you have booked a time for your interview, you can start to prepare. The interview is a demo class. It is recorded and reviewed later on, this means there will not be a student to teach. You will have to pretend.

The demo is a P2 level class called “Hello, Monkey”! They have recently updated the class! It now includes cute videos and fun games. You can click “enter the classroom” in your appointment tab to view the class. Go into the classes as much as you want to read through the slides.

For your demo you will need:

  • A blue t-shirt
  • Quiet space to teach
  • A colourful background, this could be pictures, posters or a blanket
  • Palfish logo and your teacher name on your background
  • Reward system
  • Props. The keywords are eyes, nose, mouth, dog, cat, fish and monkey.

I use a monkey teddy bear, a dog puppet, cat and fish flashcards and I drew the body parts on a card and attached to straws to hold up. An external reward system is a good idea. There is a group on Facebook dedicated to Palfish reward systems if you need inspiration. You could give the student stickers or put stars onto a page.

As you can see in the pictures above, Palfish classes have digital stars that you can give the student during class. This feature will not work during your demo because there is no real student. This is why an external reward system is needed.

Palfish also has a button on the bottom right-hand side of the classroom filters. These face filters are fun and cute, the kids love them! You can see in the picture above some of the different filters available. For your demo make sure you use these. I would recommend putting on the different animal filters when talking about the certain animal.

You must create a kid-friendly and fun background to go behind you. You can use posters, pictures, printouts, fun blanket or shower curtain, or stickers. Just make sure it is fun and colourful, don’t forget the palfish logo and your teacher name. Make sure your lighting is bright! I use a ring light for extra light.

During the Demo

During your demo, you want to show off your teaching ability as much as possible. Make sure your appearance is presentable and put on a big cheesy smile.

Before your interview time, make sure everything is set up ready and your props are to hand. Go into the classroom a minute early to make sure you are not late. To enter the classroom you need to click on”appointments” from the homepage of the app. Next, you will see Palfish kid, click “Enter classroom”. The camera will start to record when the timer at the top reaches 00:00, then you need to begin.

Here is a basic rundown of how you should undertake your demo:

  • When the timer hits 00:00, introduce yourself briefly, then for about 20 seconds show your props and background and mention why you think the students will like it.
  • You will be on the page shown above called “Palfish class tips”, spend a few seconds demonstrating how you would get the student to circle on the screen.
  • Your demo has to be at least 15 minutes long, no longer than 30 minutes. Normal classes are 25 minutes so aim for that.
  • There is no interviewer or student to teach, you have to use your imagination. Ask questions to the pretend student, give it a name, react to it, reward it, circle for it. You may feel a bit silly but we all have been there.
  • To go onto the next slide click the arrow on the right-hand side of the class.
  • There are TGs at the bottom of the screen, use these to help you teach. Since there is no student you will need to pretend. Pause and wait for fir a response, circle the things the student needs to circle.
  • Be very energetic and over the top with your facial expressions and hand gestures. The more emotive you are the better, big smile and get up the close screen when pronouncing the keywords. The hiring team want to see how fun you are and that you will be to keep the student engaged.
  • There is a timer on the top of the screen, keep an eye ib this to manage your time effectively. Don’t finish until after 15 minutes!
  • Once you have finished, click the X in the top left-hand corner of the class. If you finish between 15 and 25 minutes, this is fine but you might get a pop up saying “Please prolong your teaching time…”. You can ignore this, this popup is for normal classes. Your demo has to be a minimum of 15 minutes.
  • Once you click the X and leave, your demo will be automatically sent to the Palfish team to review. You should hear back about this with 48 hours. Keep checking the app for updates.

Palfish Quiz

Keep checking the palfish app for updates of your interview, they do not send emails. If you pass your interview, you will receive a notification in the app. Once you have passed the interview, you will then have access to the official handbook section on the app, read through this very carefully. This tells you everything you need to know about being an official kids course teacher with Palfish.

After you have read through the handbook, you need to complete the quiz. On your application status page, click “complete” next to the quiz. This will take you to the quiz. The quiz is very simple so dint stress. You can try and pass the quiz as many times as needed.

The quiz will have a handful of basic questions regarding palish, if you read the handbook beforehand you should have no issues with the questions. They might be in regards to the class levels, class rules what could cause complaints or other app features.

You will find out very quickly if you have passed the quiz. Once you have palfish will spend some time verifying your certificates to make sure they are real. After this, you will receive a notification in the app saying that your application was successful.

Trial preperation

Congratulations, you are now an official kids course teacher with Palfish. Read through the official handbook carefully to understand how the panfish app works.

Before you can start teaching you will need to complete your lesson preparation. You can find these on your homepage, shown in the picture below. Here is some key information about the trial preparation:

  • You must complete the P1 and P2 trial preparation before you will get classes.
  • You must score 80/100 on both trial preparations to pass.
  • You will not be paid for these but you will get 2 points for each trial. You only need to complete P1 and P2 to start getting classes but you can complete all of the trial preparation classes to gain more points and experience.
  • If you do not score 80/100, you will not be given any trials to teach
  • The trial preparation classes are set out similar to the demo, they do not have a real student to teach. You will have ti o use your imagination.
  • Treat these exactly like your demo. When you click on the trial prep you will have fo watch a short video first, this will give you tips on what to do.
  • Teach the prep for 25 minutes, use props, have good lighting and be very emotive and over the top.
  • Once you finish the class DO NO CLICK X TO LEAVE. This will erase the class, click the right arrow button to submit the trial preparation.

Probationary Period

Informaion coming soon!

3 thoughts on “Palfish

  1. Thank you for this information. The app can be a bit confusing but you helped me sign up and pass my interview and I was hired! I’ve been working with Palfish for a few week’s now and already love it! This information was so helpful Dani, thankyou!

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  2. I think this looks like a great way to earn some money in these pandemic times. I know several of my son’s friends who are currently living in Europe teaching kids online! My son spent a year in South Korea after he finished his BA and taught English. A great experience. Thanks for sharing this for others that may be interested!

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